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    Statistics 1.0 provides you with all the computational tools and graphical techniques used by professional statisticians to analyze data:

  • Descriptive Statistics − frequency table of the sample, histogram, measures of central tendency and spread. Graphs of the frequency function and histogram.
  • Statistical Inference − automatic detection of an appropriate statistical distribution that fits the sample data as hypothesis, estimation of parameters by Fisher's method of maximum likelihood, chi-square goodness of fit test and determination of confidence intervals for the parameters. Graphs of the probability function of the statistical distribution and histogram of the sample.
  • Quality Control − control limits for the mean and standard deviation of a list of samples and the control charts table for the process status. Graphs of the control charts for the mean and standard deviation.
  • Acceptance Sampling − single sampling plan with fraction defective, operating characteristic (OC), average outgoing quality (AOQ), producer's risk, consumer's risk and the average outgoing quality limit. Graphs of the OC and AOQ curves.
  • Regression and Correlation − covariance, correlation, maximum likelihood estimate and confidence interval for the regression coefficient. Graphs of the sample points and the regression line.
  • Time Series and Trends − exponentially smoothed weighted moving average (ESWMA) for the time series and calculation of trends that can be used for short-term forecasts. Graphs of the time series and ESWMA.
  • Analysis of Variance − ANOVA table, among populations and residual, calculation of mean squares, test of hypothesis for the equality of means among all populations and maximum likelihood estimators for the mean and variance. Graphs of the probability and distribution function of the F-distribution used in testing the hypothesis.
  • Probability Distributions − probability and distribution functions, moment generating functions, random samples and statistical tables of the following statistical distributions with any given parameters: Normal distribution, Poisson distribution, Binomial distribution, Exponential distribution, Uniform distribution, Hypergeometric distribution, Geometric distribution, Beta distribution, Gamma distribution, Negative binomial distribution, Chi-square distribution, Student's t-distribution and Fisher's F-distribution.


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