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    Calculus 1.0 provides you with all the computational tools and graphical techniques of single variable calculus:

  • Graph a function y=f(x).
  • Evaluate a function y=f(x) at x=c and estimate limits as x → c or x → ±∞.
  • Graph the first derivative f'(x).
  • Graph the second derivative f''(x).
  • Draw the tangent line and calculate the derivative value f'(c) at x=c.
  • Graph the indefinite integral F(x) such that F'(x)=f(x), according to the fundamental theorem of calculus.
  • Calculate the definite integral between x=a and x=b and draw the corresponding area under the curve.
  • Find the arc length of the curve between x=a and x=b.
  • Find the roots x such that f(x)=0.
  • Find maxima and minima of f(x).
  • Find points of inflection of f(x).
  • Compute and draw an approximation to the Taylor series of f(x).
  • Compute and draw an approximation to the Fourier series of f(x).
  • Find a polynomial of degree n-1 passing through n given points using Lagrange interpolation.
  • Find the line of best fit given n points using Gauss' Method of Least Squares.
  • Graph curves using parametric equations.
  • Graph curves using their polar coordinate representation.
  • Draw the surface of revolution of y=f(x) about an axis and compute the surface area and volume.
  • Calculate numerical expressions and estimate limits of sequences and series.
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