Robert Lee Muñoz

Gallery Muñoz
P.O. Box 69734
Oro Valley
Arizona 85737

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, he attended
The Art Institute of Chicago and studied with
private instructors around the country. He attended
Northwestern University and did graduate studies
for a Master of Liberal Arts degree from the
University of Chicago.

Style: Abstract Expressionism
Technique: Oil and mixed media on large canvases



When Art and Mathematics meet

Ashay Dharwadker and Robert Lee Muñoz

Proceedings of the Institute of Mathematics, 2007

We show how to use the Lagrange Interpolation Formula to analyze the painting "Endless Time" by Muñoz. For the purposes of this demonstration, we select a particularly elegant looking curve that catches our eye, situated vertically along the center and horizontally along the right of the canvas. Let us select six points on the curve, quite arbitrarily, but intuitively as points of reference that the artist's hand and eye may have used to guide the brush as it painted the curve. From these six points we shall show how to derive the mathematical expression for the function that describes the original curve, to a very good approximation, using the Lagrange interpolation formula. It is interesting to speculate that, perhaps, the artist's hand and eye somehow "knows" the interpolation formula, without the artist being explicitly aware of it, as the curve is painted on the canvas.