Higgs Boson Mass predicted by the Four Color Theorem

Ashay Dharwadker * and  Vladimir Khachatryan

Institute of Mathematics, H-501 Palam Vihar, District Gurgaon, Haryana 122017, India
ISBN 1466403993
ABSTRACT: We show that the mathematical proof of the Four Color Theorem yields a perfect interpretation of the Standard Model of particle physics. The steps of the proof enable us to construct the t-Riemann surface and particle frame which forms the gauge. We specify well-defined rules to match the Standard Model in a one-to-one correspondence with the topological and algebraic structure of the particle frame. This correspondence is exact - it only allows the particles and force fields to have the observable properties of the Standard Model, giving us a Grand Unified Theory. In this paper, we concentrate on explicitly specifying the quarks, gauge vector bosons, the Standard Model scalar Higgs H 0 boson and the weak force field. Using all the specifications of our mathematical model, we show how to calculate the values of the Weinberg and Cabibbo angles on the particle frame. Finally, we present our prediction of the Higgs H 0 boson mass MH0 = 125.992 ~ 126 GeV, as a direct consequence of the proof of the four color theorem.
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KEYWORDS: Four Color Theorem, Riemann Surfaces, Standard Model, Weinberg and Cabibbo angles, Weak force field, Higgs Phenomenology.
* Ashay Dharwadker
Vladimir Khachatryan
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